Online Proceedings


In the following we include as extended proceedings papers, a few select contributions which were presented during the ADA6 conference.

  • A. Leonard, "Model-Selection and Substructure Mapping with Higher Order Lensing Distortions", [PDF]
  • M. Lachieze-Rey, "Spin-spherical harmonics from Hopf fibration: a symplectic view", [PDF]
  • H. Bourdin, P. Mazzotta, E. Rasia, and K. Dolag, "Investigating the iso-radial thermal structure of gas within Clusters of Galaxies: a multi-scale approach", [PDF]
  • D. Fraix-Burnet, "Multivariate Evolutionary Analyses in Astrophysics", [PDF]
  • F.C. Sureau, O. Fourt and J.-L. Starck, "An Iterative Constrained Restoration Algorithm for CMB Map Reconstruction", [PDF]
  • B. Joachimi and P. Schneider, "Controlling intrinsic alignments in weak lensing statistics - The nulling and boosting techniques", [PDF]
  • K. Kayabol, J. L. Sanz, D. Herranz, E.E. Kuruoglua, E. Salerno, "Astrophysical Map Reconstruction from Convolutional Mixtures", [PDF]
  • A. Labatie, J.-L. Starck, M. Lachieze-Rey, P. Arnalte-Mur, "Uncertainty in 2-point correlation function estimators", [PDF]
  • L.F. Lanz, D. Herranz, J.L. Sanz, M. Lopez-Caniego, J. Conzalez-Nuevo, "A Multifrequency Method Based on the Matched Multifilter for the Detection of Point Sources in CMB maps", [PDF]
  • Mary, D., Bourguignon, S., Theys, C., Lanteri, H., "Sparse priors in unions of bases for radiointerferometic image reconstruction", [PDF]
  • S. Pires, S. Plaszczynski, A. Lavabre, "Algorithm for full bispectral analysis of CMB data", [PDF]
  • J. Schmitt, J.L. Starck, J. Fadili, I. Grenier, J.M. Casandjian, "A New Multiscale Method for Poisson Noise Removal on the Sphere: Application to the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope", [PDF]